18. Februar 2020
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Nogova Crimes - List of features and possibilities
Here I begin a list of the features and possibilities of Nocova Crimes:
(hope my enlish is good enough, otherwise write me a pm and I´ll correct it…)

First of all: You fight/work for your Team!
No player has an individual bank-account, so loners cannot win.

How to make money as a gangster:

- Rob Civs or women. ( If they do not want to give you their money immediately, you have the option to beat them up, to change their minds… ... courage & beat-him-up is deactivated at the moment)
- Build weed farms, harvest and sell your drugs… any gangster can harvest a full-grown plantation, not matter who build it.
- Steal cars and sell them (if you do not want them for yourself Wink )
- Collect protection money from shops
- Build a bar or a casino where the cash flows…
- Build a brothel and collect women to work there
- Rob a Bank
- And well,… withdraw money from your teams bank-account

How do Cops make money:

- The income depends on the number of gangsters in play
- Freeing Women from the brothels
- Protect shops from the Gangsters
- Arresting Gangsters gives you an award that depends on the “crimerate” of the gangster

Other possible actions:

- You can make civs and women follow you… be creative in using this (not only for collecting your hookers)
- You can recruit gunmen… (@ HQ and Bars)
- Buy a fuel canister… to well refuel a car… you can out it on the ground and shoot at it as well. Cops can use them to burn down the weed plantations (gangsters can do this too, but it´s not recommended Wink )
- Buy a repairkit… to well, guess
- Buy better weapons at the gunshops
- Buy cars… if necessary… at your HQ or Bar or at the cardealer
- Feign death or surrender (hands up)… the ai will not shoot at you, if you do this
- Hide handguns… if you don´t have another weapon the ai won´t shoot at you (or just walk around without a weapon)
- Gangsters can remove barriers

Other Features

- The duration of the arrest depends on the crimerate of the gangster
- Copkillers are marked on the map and it is the highest scored crime you can commit
- If a player dies he looses all his cash, money and additional weapons NEW CHANGES: Gangsters do NOT start with weapons anymore, but can buy a Tokarev/ Cz75 @their HQ, respawn-pos is not the HQ anymore… so it might be better to be arrested
- Teams´ vehicles resoawn at HQs and Bases
- Gangster can not enter police stations
- Showscore-option
- weapons are removed from dead players (not AI yet...)
- Busses are removed... for now
- Banks are guarded a little better...
- Time of Arrest is shorter now (75%)

Cops only

- Can jump from one police station to another
- Bigger choice of vehicles and weapons… (will depend on “global crimerate” in later version)
- Cops don´t need cash, they pay with “police-account-card” Wink
- Cops can… well arrest and disarm Gangster
- Build barriers at gaz24, helicopter, uaz or brdm
- Cops and the cops´heli have TEARGAS now, that only affects Gangsters...
- Talk-Menu: they can say short orders, that other players can hear, if they are near.- seems not to work correcty yet...
Bearbeitet von DrPepper am 21. November 2007 20:20
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Nogova Crimes Mission
Nogova Crimes Mission
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